A plant on the cutting edge, among the first in Italy

Outside washing of commercial vehicles
Grifo Lavaggi is specialized for the outside washing of commercial vehicles such as vans, articulated trucks, trucks and buses
We have an automatic plant – one the first in Italy – with five brushes, two of which are shaped for the washing of tanks and rotating heads with high pressure for the cleaning of the chassis. Moreover at the end of the washing procedure, the vehicles are treated with mild water.

Secure procedure

Respect for the norms

Grifo Lavaggi operates in a way of guaranteeing the maximum availability for all the needs of the customers according to standardized procedures and in the total respect of the norms in force.

Extra services

Grifo Lavaggi also offers the following services:

-Showers for drivers
-Snack bar with vending machines
-Fax service

Inside washing the tanks:
Grifo Lavaggi, in order to offer the most complete service to its customers, has four lanes for the inside washing of the tanks transporting:
– loose granular and powdery materials
– food liquids and not dangerous chemical liquids

High pressure washing
All the lanes have high pressure warm water; two lanes are equipped with rotating heads ATEX certified.

Warming and drying:
We also have a steam plant to warm up the tanks before their washing and one plant for hot air drying.
All washing systems are connected to a chemical-physical purification plant and sewage disposal.

Shaped brushes

The shaped brushes are specific for the washing of tankers.

Automatic drying plant

The drying plant with warm air on a tank allows it use right after the washing.